Writing for Pennies

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Writing for Pennies

In the quest to make it as a freelance writer, some people write a blog post for $.01 or less per word. They rationalize that they’re getting the experience. Yes, they’re gaining experience. It’s called the experience of writing for pennies. When you accept writing for $.01 or less, you’re disregarding the time it takes to actually write the blog post.

Here’s an example:

You have an opportunity to write a 500-word blog post on the benefits and uses of CBD oil. CBD oil isn’t a subject you’re familiar with. So, you must research it. Take into account that you mustn’t plagiarize. At $.01 per word, you’re looking at $5.00 for the blog post. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.

Realistically, it’ll take you in excess of thirty minutes to research the subject. Then, you have to write the information in your own words. You’re adding another thirty minutes to an hour. Your actual time may vary depending on how quickly you grasp new things.

So, let’s say you’ve put an hour into the task. You’ve made $.083 per minute. At minimum wage, you would’ve made $.12 per minute.

If researching and writing this blog post took greater than an hour, you need to find another way to earn income. And, if the client doesn’t accept your blog post, you’ve earned nothing.

However, desperation leads to taking on such slave labor tasks. Using the term slave labor is extreme however being improperly paid for your time isn’t right. You may be working in the comfort of your home and may not be doing anything else. However, you should value your time extended to others. I’m sure they wouldn’t write for those rates because they’ll find someone desperate enough to do it for them.

Additionally, being paid by the number of views your blog post gets can be a disappointing gamble. You might as well start your own blog and write what you want. After incorporating SEO and providing good content, you may see yourself no longer writing for pennies.