Poem: Words Can’t Describe

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Poem: Words Can't Describe
stux / Pixabay

Words can’t describe

the depth of your touch,

or the feeling it sends

throughout my body.

I look into your eyes,

and see your heart.

I feel your pain,

and your love.

The times we share

brings such happiness

taking me to

a time unknown.

Words can’t describe

how much

I love you

or how you make

me feel inside.

I’ll never forget

the strength of your touch.

It overcomes my body and soul.

I think of you

every waking moment.

Dreaming of you

‘til the end of time.

Never will I love

another as I love you.

You bring good to my life.

I’m thinking of you

every day

wishing you

would come my way.

Words can’t describe

my feelings for you.

Feelings so deep

and so true.

As time passes,

I’ll always love you.

You’ll forever remain

a part of me,

for now,


and eternity.