The Agony of When the Past Resurfaces

The Agony of When the Past Resurfaces
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The one sure thing about living is you will always have a past.  Some people have a good past while others don’t.  However, things happen and life happens.  Furthermore, this is an inescapable reality of living.

When the past resurfaces, time seems to stop, catching you off guard.  You want to run for cover.  But, you can’t.  The past is staring you in the face.  Forcing you to address it.  What are you to do?

How Karen dealt with her past

While working at home, Karen craved for pizza.  She ordered the pizza online and awaited its arrival.  More than thirty minutes later, the pizza delivery person arrived.  She greeted him and noticed him smiling strangely at her and he asked: “You don’t remember me, do you?”  Karen took a step backward and felt a warmth consume her body.

She didn’t remember him.  However, when he asked if she ever worked at a particular healthcare center and said his name, the memories rushed through her mind.  Karen felt embarrassed and stated she’s a changed person.  He asked if he could call her sometime.  She told him a forceful no, paid for the pizza, and went back inside her house.

Fortunately for Karen, her no kept him away.

Varied Emotions

You’re dazed.  And perhaps, you’re afraid that others will find out.  Revelations of the past ruins many reputations.  Then, you find your concentration disturbed.  While the debris of the past muddles your clear thoughts.

In some cases, the past calmly disrupts your life and things go back as before.  However, in other cases, the past completely causes chaos.  This is especially true if you are a celebrity or a public figure.

Emotions run rampant.  Heightened senses cause internal anguish.  You want to scream, but the words won’t come out.

The Agony of When the Past Resurfaces
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Dave’s Indiscretions Came Back to Haunt Him

Dave spent many years building a solid reputation for himself.  Those who knew him admired him.  However, Dave had secrets.

Shortly after his 50th birthday, a Sheriff came to Dave’s home.  He wasn’t at home, but his wife was.  The Sheriff asked for Dave.  His wife stated he wasn’t home.  The Sheriff gave her paperwork for Dave.  She took it and went back inside.

As she read the paperwork, she fell into a chair.  Her dear Dave fathered a child over thirteen years prior to their marriage and the child’s mother demanded an order for support.  He told his wife he had no children.  Obviously, this wasn’t true.

Later that evening, she presented the paperwork to Dave.  He read it and stared into space.  As much as he wanted to deny his son’s existence, he couldn’t any longer.  Dave took his wife into his arms and apologized for not telling her.  Consumed with tears, she forgave him knowing this changes her perception of him and their future.


Sometimes, deeds done in the past are so horrible that you wish you could just erase them.  Of course, many wish they could.  However, no matter how you desire to wish the past away, it exists.

You spend countless hours thinking about your past actions realizing the impossibility of rewriting the past.  Somewhere in the universe, the past is recorded.  Whether it is by the person or people you wronged or a matter of public record.  It exists.

Going back to that moment occupies your mind.  No matter how much you try to reimagine the circumstances, the memories remain.

The Agony of When the Past Resurfaces
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Angelica’s Gift

Just a sip of wine here and there grew into a problem for Angelica.  She found herself enjoying the alcoholic fruits throughout her day.  No matter how many commercials or billboards she viewed, she never paid attention to them.

When her boyfriend of four years left her, she found herself slipping into depression.  She barely functioned at work.  Every day she went through the repetitive motions of life.

After having her morning drink, she drove to work with the radio blasting.  As she drove through a residential area,  a distraction took her mind off the road causing her to strike a girl in the crosswalk.  Immediately, she stopped the car and checked on the girl.  Soon afterward, the girl’s mother and a crowd formed around them.

Within minutes, the police and paramedics were on the scene.  Angelica’s mascara smeared from her excessive crying.  Reality sunk in as the police handcuffed her and placed her in the back seat of the police car.  When she looked back at the ambulance, her stomach ached.

After a DUI, a civil settlement, and therapy,  Angelica knew changes were inevitable.  When she stopped drinking and came to terms with her actions, she dedicated her life to helping others deal with the disappointments in life by giving motivational speeches and writing a book.

Moving On After the Past Resurfaces

No matter what you’ve done in the past, you have the power to craft a better present and future. Remembering no one is perfect eases the regret and pain.  When you realize experiences come from a variety of circumstances and actions, you’re better prepared for the consequences.

Acknowledge your lapse in judgment. Apologize to those you’ve wronged. Forgive yourself for your indiscretions. Become a better person from your experiences.  Look forward and leave the past behind.

In some cases, others won’t forgive you. Respect their feelings and don’t hold it against them. People process things differently.  When you understand that, you’re able to fully appreciate second chances.