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When Privilege Goes Public: : Lori Loughlin

Updated 1/5/21.

Lights, Camera, Action

Smile for the camera. Grab those endorsements. It’s par for the course when you’re a part of the wealthy crew. You’re constantly chasing more money and more prestige. But, how far would you go to impress others?

Well, it seems Lori Loughlin allegedly risked breaking the law to ensure her children were admitted to a prestigious college. It’s sad when you look at her and her daughters. They’re beautiful women who are now caught up in scandal and subjected to public scrutiny with potential legal ramifications for Lori. Plus, it’s erasing away endorsements and affiliations. That’s less money for them to brag about.


I wonder what Lori is thinking now. If I was her, I would’ve taken the honest approach and not be caught up in keeping up with the elite. Sometimes, you have to be brave and be authentic. Everything isn’t for everybody. One of her daughters even said on a video that she didn’t want to go to college. The girl just wanted to have fun.

All I can say about this is Lori, Lori, Lori. I wish you the best. Lori received and did prison time. Public scrutiny is brutal. However, I’m sure you’ll be able to redeem yourself. Besides, no one is perfect. And, some of us make decisions that don’t always stay hidden. That’s a lesson that Lori has learned in this situation.

Bottom Line

The moral of this story is to always do the right thing. Lori knew it was wrong when she was taking part in it. Her misplaced values led her to a path of darkness and greed. This resulted in erasing an opportunity for a potential student who would’ve been thrilled at the opportunity to be accepted into this university. Hopefully, this will stop other privileged parents from committing the same type of crime for bragging rights. What you do in the dark will eventually surface to the light. Will you be prepared when that happens?