via Subway restaurant customer sues franchisee after video captures alleged assault – ABC News

What Happened to the Customer is Always Right?


Sometimes, surfing the internet brings you stories and happenings that you would’ve never imagined.

Imagine going into a restaurant and ordering some food. When you get ready to eat your food, it doesn’t look as advertised. So, you do what most customers do when they’re not satisfied, they complain.

However, when you state your complaint, you’re denied a refund. Then, the owner of the establishment yells at you and tells you to leave the premises.

And, since we’re in the age of social media, you’re capturing the exchange on your cellphone which results in the owner going over-the-edge and an alleged assault is committed.

Not a Good Look on Many Levels

First, this happened in Concord, North Carolina on March 8, 2019. Second, the customer filed a lawsuit on March 18, 2019. Third, the sandwich was for an elderly customer.

The location where this happened has no relevance to what occurred. No business should conduct customer service in this manner. Would you want someone treating you like that? This incident is deplorable.

It was wise of the customer to record the exchange. People are exposing those with bad attitudes.  This makes good evidence for a lawsuit. Additionally, this serves as a warning to those with anger issues to seek assistance with taming the beast within.

Even though the sandwich was for an elderly person, no one should be disrespected. All customers deserve the right to complain if they didn’t receive the service or product they paid for. If the advertisement shows a product looks a certain way, then the product should be presented to the customer as such.

Is the Customer Always Right?

In a nutshell, no. However, sometimes as a business, you have to make wise decisions. Was refusing to refund a sandwich that possibly cost under $5.00 worth the negative publicity received for this particular location and business owner?

Obviously, it wasn’t worth it because the owner was a franchisee of a national brand and the national brand’s name is getting negative publicity.

Even though the customer isn’t always right, businesses must treat their customers with respect. Without customers, businesses cease to exist.