Uncontrollable Urges: Michigan Gymnastics Coach

via TMZ – Michigan Gymnastics Coach Punished for Banging Gymnast In Public

Sexual attraction can be a very powerful thing to experience. Some people have no problems resisting the temptations of the flesh while others aren’t as fortunate. Sometimes, uncontrollable urges take over.

It seems the former 39-year-old University of Michigan gymnastics coach couldn’t resist the temptation of an 18-year-old member of the gymnastics team. The police caught the star-crossed lovers engaging in sexual activities in a parking lot near the Ann Arbor campus in October of 2018.

Imagine the humiliation he went through. First, the police caught him in public. Second, the university suspended him. Third, he had no choice but to resign from his position. Fortunately, he was able to negotiate his charge down to a civil infraction.

I wonder was the humiliation worth it. Some lines should never be crossed. He was old enough to be the student’s parent. Love and passion don’t have an age attached to it as long as it involves the legal age of consent of both parties.

Once the coach took his attraction to another level, there was no turning back. Emotional involvement took over and common sense evaporated into the atmosphere.

This story isn’t anything new. It seems to be commonplace in today’s society. People are risking their livelihoods for temptations of the flesh. In the short run, they feel euphoric. However, I wonder how they feel after the fallout.

Is hindsight 20/20?