Two-Day Old Child Buried in Father’s Back Yard

Two-Day-Old Child Buried in Father's Back Yard
Photo by Creative Vix from Pexels

Imagine graduating from high school and looking forward to attending college. Traditionally, people see college as a time when a young person leaves the nest. While at college, their parents expect them to have fun while furthering their education. However, a child buried in a backyard I’m sure isn’t on any parent’s list of expectations.

What if you’re a twenty-one-year-old female student in a relationship. The intensity spirals into an unintentional pregnancy. You and your partner decide against termination of the pregnancy and conceal it.

Since you’re concealing the pregnancy, you don’t seek medical attention. This innocent life is growing inside your body. Months later, you give birth to a boy. Then, two days later, he dies. What do you do?

I’m not sure what you would do. However, a 19-year-old father in North Carolina decided to bury his deceased son in the backyard of his home. The next day someone told the police about the remains. After finding the child buried in a box, the police charged the young couple with criminal charges.

Actions Have Consequences

This is an awful case of an unwanted child’s death. Conversations about using protection while having a sexual relationship are important to prevent creating a child when you’re not ready to take care of one.

Additionally, sometimes, parents need to consider the impact of their religious beliefs on their children. The reasons behind the couple concealing the pregnancy are unknown at this time. However, in some cases, children from religious households don’t agree with their religious upbringing. When this occurs, the child does what their heart desires. Unfortunately, what their heart desires may lead them into situations that grow out of control. Fear takes over and regrettable acts occur.

Now, these two young people expressing their emotions and actions impact three young lives and their families forever. Emotions are powerful and consequences are irreversible.