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To Mask or Not to Mask
Photo by Đông Viễn from Pexels.

The world is experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic. You would think that wearing a face mask wouldn’t be an issue however there are people who feel that wearing one threatens their freedom and infringes upon their constitutional rights. Others think wearing a mask is unattractive.

However, the CDC recommends wearing a face mask. What is the right thing to do? To mask or not to mask, that’s the question.

Thousands of people have died around the world and millions have been infected. Consequently, health officials are urging everyone to practice social distancing, conduct thorough hand washing, and wear face coverings. Despite their pleas, some people, especially in America, refuse to follow the safety protocols.


COVID-19 is a highly infectious coronavirus. It originated in Wuhan, China in December 2019.

Its symptoms vary and affect people in different ways. The most common symptoms are a dry cough, fatigue, and a fever.

Other symptoms include:

  • aches and pains
  • headaches
  • a loss of taste or smell
  • nasal congestion
  • conjunctivitis
  • sore throat
  • skin rashes
  • finger or toe discoloration
  • diarrhea.

Most recover without needing hospitalization. However, those with underlying medical conditions are at a higher risk of becoming seriously ill or even dying.

It doesn’t discriminate and everyone is at risk.

The Disconnect

In America, wearing a face mask has been politicized. The leader of the Free World feels that wearing a mask isn’t a cool look. His followers blindly display reckless actions by forgoing a mask and not social distancing.

It appears that common sense has left the room. Selfishness has taken over. Their need to defy puts others in harm’s way. They foolishly think that this ” hoax” won’t affect them. It may or it may not. However, asymptomatic carriers don’t know they have it. This leads to exposure to everyone they come into contact with resulting in an increase in infections and deaths.

Respect for the Medical Community

It’s appalling to see those who thumb their noses at the advice given to them by respected members of the Medical Community. Their blind allegiance to science deniers and following leaders of certain political parties is causing problems for the nation as a whole.

What is Really Going On?

How can anyone see the increasing numbers of the infected and dead from COVID-19 and not do their part in potentially reducing the numbers? What happened to compassion? Let’s not forget about exercising common sense. This is a serious situation that’s killing people.

The Economy

The economy is suffering and will continue to suffer if COVID-19 isn’t brought under control. If workers are getting sick and customers are getting sick, who’s left to prop up the economy but the government?

Trillions of dollars from government stimulus packages serve as a band-aid for the struggling economy. Thus, increasing the deficit and threatens the economy for future generations.

Responsible leadership and sound advice help the citizens and the economy.

To Mask Or Not to Mask

The life of America is at stake. Too many lives are being lost to this virus. Freedom of speech is one thing but recklessly not protecting yourself and others during a pandemic is unAmerican and dangerous.

With no available vaccine, following recommended safety protocols reduces the transmission and infection rate. As a result, masking up contributes to healthier citizens and a better economy.

Freedom of Expression


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