The Ways Negativity Chips Away at the Mind

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The Ways Negativity Chips Away at the Mind
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One of the most dangerous things that you can let enter your life is negativity. Negativity can rob a person of high self-esteem and leave them feeling unsure of themselves.

Everyone has a right to their opinion. However, they should take care in exercising their right. Some hide behind an avatar on a website and use their keyboards to spew disparaging things about others in the comment section.

I’m sure the majority of these keyboard bullies wouldn’t dare say those vile things in person. They don’t realize or most likely don’t care about the toll it has on their victims. However, it shows that they’re cowardly and empty inside.

It’s a shame for some to go through life projecting their insecurities and unhappiness on others. They want others to feel the pain that they refuse to cope with or get rid of.

Negativity in Families

It is often said that “blood is thicker than water” when referring to the family being more important than any other relationship. However, what if you have members of your family who relish in making you feel less than.

Should you continuously subject yourself to such ill-treatment? Do you feel comfortable addressing your feelings to the guilty family member? Are you dependent on their generosity?

If you find yourself in this situation, you have to do some serious soul-searching. You have to decide if you should keep your distance from a said family member, speak up for yourself, or continue to suffer in silence.


One definition of a relationship is possessing a romantic attachment to another.

When you think of a romantic relationship, most often love and sex enters the mind. Thoughts of two people glued together in love and bliss are the theme of romance novels. However, when conflict occurs, love and bliss exit the room. What was once positive has now turned negative.

Most often it’s the overlooked “little things” that are magnified during the heat of an argument. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, people speak regrettable things. After the argument is over, makeup time begins. However, the regrettable words said now remain a part of history never to be forgotten.

Social Media

Once upon a time, there were no social media. People socialized at the workplace, at bars, at family reunions, and anywhere else they chose to congregate. They shared their polaroids and family photo albums. Of course, people gossiped because everyone has their opinions.

Then in 1997, the first social media platform was introduced. Since then, several social media sites have entered the scene changing the speed of information and affecting the lives of many.

Many people in the world including celebrities, businesses, and politicians use social media. Most people utilize the platforms as a way to connect with others in a positive manner. However, others use it to harass and expose others.

When you post on a social media site, be mentally prepared for someone not like what you post. Internet trolls love to spread negativity by wreaking havoc in the comments. They’ll take an innocent photo or post and disparage it.

You can turn off the comments, remove the post, or as some do, opt-out completely.

Negativity In the Workplace

If you’re not independently wealthy, a business owner, or being taken care of, you work for someone. You may love your job or loathe it.

It’s one thing to hate working at a place because the job is a low-paying dead-end job. But, when you have a supervisor or manager that makes your workday miserable, it can cause mental distress.

Maybe, it’s not your supervisor or the job itself. Sometimes, you’ll encounter an attention-seeking coworker who chooses you as a target of harassment.

What are you to do?

You can report them. However, the situation could go either left, right or remain the same. If things remain the same and you’re in dire need of money, you’ll need to find some type of coping mechanism that doesn’t include drugs or alcohol to get you to your exit strategy.

Shielding Yourself from Negative Energy

Each one of us has only one life to live. We all should strive to live it to the fullest. Living it to the fullest requires keeping our physical and mental health in check.

If you find yourself feeling in the dumps, identify the source. Take action on alleviating the pain by distancing yourself. If that’s not a possibility, seek assistance. Don’t be ashamed of consulting a therapist to help you deal with negative forces in your life.