The Political Divide

The Political Divide
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Democrats vs. Republicans. Republicans vs. Democrats. Then, there are the Independents. And, let’s not forget the various other parties, which include the Libertarians. These all contribute to the political divide.

The issue of politics is one of those topics you dare not discuss. It’s a topic right up there with religion, abortion, same-sex marriages, and sexual orientation.

However, you can’t turn on the television, listen to the radio, or surf the internet without seeing or hearing about politics.

In 2018, politics is in your face. Politicians are making decisions that’ll affect generations to come. The effect of these decisions on families, friends, co-workers, the public, and companies play out on social media and sometimes on the local or national news.

Some people take their political affiliations to the extreme by doing and saying mean things. They’ve taken on a cult-like behavior and thrown out common sense and respect for others.

Choosing a Side

The Democratic Party is known as the oldest political party whose roots trace back to 1792 when supporters of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison formed the Democratic-Republicans. Cartoonist Thomas Nast popularized their donkey logo in the 1870s despite it not being officially adopted by the party. They’ve evolved from tolerating slavery in the 19th century to supporting labor unions and civil rights. The modern Democratic Party believes in a strong federal government, minority and women’s rights, protecting the environment, and progressive reforms.

The anti-slavery Whigs founded the Republican Party during a meeting on March 20, 1854. Many people know the Republican Party as the GOP (Grand Old Party). Their elephant logo is derived from a cartoon by Thomas Nast. The modern Republican Party believes in the states’ rights against federal government interference, reduced taxes, and the advancement of individual economic freedom. Additionally, they hold conservative beliefs about abortion, traditional marriages, the right to bear arms, religion, and foreign policy.

Independents don’t define themselves as Democrats or Republicans. This allows them the ability to run on issues not attributed to any party.

In 1971, the Libertarian Party was founded in Colorado. It focuses on an individual’s right to live their lives without government interference. They embrace a form of liberalism.

How Far Should One Go for Politics?

Everyone has a right to voice their opinions. When it comes to politics, people should exercise their freedom to support the candidates that represent their views.

Taking beliefs to the extreme and harming others is going too far in the name of politics. One shouldn’t harm someone who doesn’t agree with their beliefs. This goes against the freedom of speech and is against the law.

The Political Divide
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Accepting Differences in Opinions

The Amendments to the United States Constitution provide the framework for the rights of its citizens and the operation of the government. During the political cycle, some of these amendments such as the right to bear arms fill the topics of debates. Some gun owners believe limiting the accessibility of assault rifles infringe on their right to bear arms. While others believe that people with a tendency toward violence shouldn’t have access to these dangerous weapons. However, statistics show the use of these assault rifles dominate the tragedies that litter the national news and the internet.

No matter what side of the gun debate one chooses, one should respect the differences in opinions. Whether the topic is gun ownership, abortion, voting, same-sex marriages, protesting, and many other topics of debate, everyone has the right to their opinion.

The Future of the Political Divide

The current political climate is divisive and toxic. Some people are using the political divide to spread hate and push their extreme views on others. This practice is unAmerican and wrong.

All Americans must come to an agreement to disagree on certain issues and maintain respect for the differences in opinions. If this divisiveness continues, Americans lose. The future of America depends on the actions of the present. Common sense and empathy are necessary to temper the political divide and heal a hurting America. Without this, the future of America is in trouble.