Teachers Bullying Student

Teachers Bullying Student
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What happens in the world we live in today is unbelievable.  When I was young, I had a bully. The bully made me feel alone, afraid, and distraught.  I never told the teachers about what was happening to me. However, I told my mother, who was a teacher.  She encouraged me to stand up to my bully. Hence, I ended the confrontation by telling the bully I wasn’t afraid.  My bully never bothered me again.

The Washington Post presented a story about two teachers bullying an 11-year-old student. The teachers encouraged an altercation between students. One of the teachers told the student to “go and kill yourself”.

Guidance and education are the primary roles of teachers.  Education molds students. Teachers represent themselves as positive examples for students and provide the roadmap to success.

The teachers went against guidelines and delivered negative lessons.  Consequently,  they glorified violence and bullying.  Teaching students to bully causes confusion on the action of bullying.

Teachers Bullying Student
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The Impact of Improperly Trained Teachers

What happens to students when teachers fail them?  They destroy trust and disrupt order. Manipulation turned these students into victims. Counseling needs to address the students’ actions.

Growing up is difficult enough.  Most parents teach their children good values. Others do not spend much time with their children. Social media and interaction with other children force children to make decisions.

Immature and reckless teachers inappropriately aided in potentially destroying students’ mental well-being. The 11-year old’s proactive parents made sure the school administrators and authorities addressed this situation.

Parental involvement and proper vetting of teachers is the key to preventing these situations.