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Poem: When Never Quite Good Enough Lurks

Poem: When Never Quite Good Enough Lurks

Sometimes it seems that some of us feel we are never quite good enough. It seems the good deeds we do go unnoticed and things seem to go awry while others rise beyond their evil deeds. Observing the injustice tears away at the soul. It makes one wonder what is the point of trying? However, […]

Poem: Persistence

Persistence is resistance to distraction. It is diligence to a cause. It is never giving up until a goal is reached. It is strong determination and undying will. It is hard work and dedication. It is irrepressible strength. It is extraordinary desire. It is extreme focus and not accepting no for an answer.

Poem: Sometimes

Sometimes the burdens become so great. Too great, sometimes for the heart to bear. In those times an ear is needed to listen, to confide in, to console. When that ear is not easily found, the Lord’s ear is always around. He is non-judgmental and always there. Through undying faith the Lord will heal that […]