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Poem: To Love With No Love in Return

Poem: To Love With No Love in Return

To love someone who does not love you is a painful and life-changing experience. You gave your all to a person who took you for granted and brushed you away. You spent many nights rationalizing the situation, however, never could make sense of it. You question your logic and search for answers. The answers never […]

Poem: After the Pain

After everything is said and done, will our love have won? Something so good that did not last because we both held on to the past. After all we have been through, does our love hold true? Can it be that it was real, the love we feel? Could it be that things were wrong? […]

Poem: Just Romantic Fantasies

Fantasies of a love past. A relationship that did not last. Wishing, hoping, and dreaming but nothing materializes. Just romantic fantasies occupying your mind. Dreams of bliss that does not come to pass. Wishing, hoping, and dreaming of a love everlasting. Once reality hits, dreams disappear, fantasies diminish and all remains is just romantic fantasies.

Poem: Insatiable Desire

I met you so long ago. You were a stranger I wanted to know. There was something about you I had to know. I had to feel your touch. I wanted you that much. There you were my insatiable desire. Someone who set my heart on fire. The passion we felt was beyond compare. The […]