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Poem: It's All Politics

Poem: It’s All Politics

Legislation. Higher taxes. Red tape. Charitable contributions. Rallying for a cause. Those in power stay in power when money is involved. Money talks when desires are conceived. and goals are achieved. Meet the right people. Talk to the right people. Do lunch. Destroy the old. Build the new. Tax the people. Increase the unrest. Nothing […]

Is America Going Backward?

Is America Going Backward?

America is experiencing a reversal in the progress made by those who fought for change in the past.  When you log onto the world wide web, you cannot help but be inundated with stories that inform you of the status of America’s activities.  Depending on your thought processes and affiliations, these stories may be primarily […]

Poem: Remembering Nature

The wind gently blows the leaves as the birds chirp away. The summer heat strengthens its power as the shade of the trees restricts its reach. The beauty of nature surrounds the city as the people go about their day. A mother takes her child to the park to burn some of the energy away. […]