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Poem: To Love With No Love in Return

Poem: To Love With No Love in Return

To love someone who does not love you is a painful and life-changing experience. You gave your all to a person who took you for granted and brushed you away. You spent many nights rationalizing the situation, however, never could make sense of it. You question your logic and search for answers. The answers never […]

Poem: Life’s Lonely Reign

Life is something given from God. Its span is indeterminable. Life brings with it many things, some good and some bad. Life is such a lonely soul. It is not promised one minute to the next. Life is so wonderful to have. It should be enjoyed to the fullest. Life has no definite meaning. It […]

Poem: Life

Life is like a story book. It has a beginning and it has an ending. Life is something everyone must experience. No matter how tough it gets you have to keep on living. Life is a gift from God. You either keep it or you do not. Life has its ups and downs. It takes […]

Poem: Do It for the Children

The children are our future. They are buds in waiting and prospects for greatness. They need stability, love, and two strong parents. Careful thought must be given to actions affecting children. Children are impressionable. One wrong action can result in a life of pain, destroy a child’s adulthood, and affect their mental state, causing turmoil in […]

Poem: Sacrifices

You are caught between should I or should I not. Indecisiveness is in full swing. You are weighing the pros and the cons. You desire an answer. An answer only you can provide. What do you do when life decisions arise? You wonder. You ponder. You reach deep inside. The decision you make will affect your life […]

Poem: It Hurts

Sometimes the pain never goes away. It creeps up on you like you are its prey. It brings you down when you are all alone. It tries its best to make you its home. It makes you cry deep inside. It exposes feelings so deep you tried to hide. Memories of hurt still felt and […]

Poem: Choices

In life, we must make choices. Choices to love and choices to hate. Choices are a fact of life. They are non-avoidable and inevitable. Care must be exercised in the choices we make. Once a choice is made there is no turning back. We must live with the consequences, whether good or bad. We must […]

Poem: Yield Not to Temptation

Temptation appears at any time. It is a desire for something you do not need. Sometimes the desire is so strong, it is hard to resist. Mental activity is at an utmost high. Should I or should I not? Consideration must be given for the consequences. There may be a high price to pay for […]

Poem: Keeping the Faith

Every day I think about what happened that day. I keep a mental picture of everything I do. I notice how people act toward me day by day. I see how humans can quickly change their ways. One day a friend, the next day an enemy. What shall I do? Shall I give up totally […]

Poem: Faith

Faith is belief in the unseen. Faith is dedication to the spirit. Faith is living in the positive. Faith is perseverance toward good. Faith is uplifting to the mind. Faith is prayer to the almighty, power through preservation, and denial of evil.