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Poem: I Lost My Nerve

Poem: I Lost My Nerve

Silence. Calm. Regret. Sorrow. Goals unfulfilled. The slow deterioration of the will to live. Here I am. I sit in disbelief. I’ve lost my nerve a million times. How did I get to this place? When will I find relief? I wonder. I question. I feel surrounded by a void. And yet, I am still […]

Poem: The Love of My Life

Poem: The Love of My Life

He came into my life without warning. I was taken in by his charm, wit, and good looks. I fantasized about him night and day. Always looking forward to him coming my way. He was the love for me. Love had no come so easy for me. I tried to please him without fully pleasing […]

Poem: A Hard Day's Work

Poem: A Hard Day’s Work

Another hard day’s work is behind me. My feet are tired. My back hurts. The children are getting on my nerves. Sometimes, it seems like I am getting nowhere. I work and sleep. Day in and day out. Life is more than working hard. Will I be around to see that day? I don’t know […]

Poem: The Rap

Poem: The Rap

Concerned citizens with good intentions sometimes cause things to go awry. What may appear to be one thing may not be. This can cause unforeseen problems. Jumping to conclusions can destroy a promising future by putting someone’s life in jeopardy and complicating an already stressed situation. Forcing them to cop a plea for a crime […]

Poem: Playing Games

Life is full of people, who relish in playing games. These are not games for entertainment or fun, but games affecting life. They hurt the people, who they proclaim to love. They string them along and drop the ball when anticipation is high. They have no regard for feelings. They are out to satisfy their […]

Poem: Life’s Lonely Reign

Life is something given from God. Its span is indeterminable. Life brings with it many things, some good and some bad. Life is such a lonely soul. It is not promised one minute to the next. Life is so wonderful to have. It should be enjoyed to the fullest. Life has no definite meaning. It […]

Poem: Life

Life is like a story book. It has a beginning and it has an ending. Life is something everyone must experience. No matter how tough it gets you have to keep on living. Life is a gift from God. You either keep it or you do not. Life has its ups and downs. It takes […]

Poem: The Truth

Sometimes we live in denial because it seems safe. We put the truth aside and keep it at bay. When the time comes for the big reveal, nervousness invades the air preparing to heal. In the moment our world crashed down, but the aftermath left us mentally sound. The truth was painful and now it […]

Poem: I Feel You

When there is a crack in your voice, a look of distress on your face, abruptness in your talk, slowness in your walk, I feel you. I feel things are not going right in your life. I feel the pain. I feel the sadness. I feel the hesitation to respond. I feel the desire to […]

Poem: Be You

In life, you must learn to be you. At times, it may seem hard but doing it is a very good start to lifelong happiness. You must not try to please people especially if you are not pleasing you. You should not live by others standards. Live by your own. If you believe in something, […]