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Poem: To Love With No Love in Return

Poem: To Love With No Love in Return

To love someone who does not love you is a painful and life-changing experience. You gave your all to a person who took you for granted and brushed you away. You spent many nights rationalizing the situation, however, never could make sense of it. You question your logic and search for answers. The answers never […]

Poem: Time of Life

Poem: The Time of Life

The time of life we all go through had come upon me like a wind. I lost all sense in what to do. I thought my heart would never mend. It aroused my feelings deep inside. I didn’t know I had any. So strong were they and spread out wide. I soon found out I […]

Poem: Behind Closed Doors

No one knows another’s woes. For what happens behind closed doors, remains behind closed doors. Sometimes, the pain is so unbearable that the heart cries when the mouth can’t. Help is needed to soothe the pain, to help the heart, and to console the mind.    

Poem: Words Cannot Describe

Words cannot describe the depth of your touch, or the feeling it sends throughout my body. I look in your eyes, and I see your heart. I feel your pain, and I feel your love. The times we share brings such happiness taking me to a time unknown. Words cannot describe how much I love […]