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Poem: The Road to Perseverance

Poem: The Road to Perseverance

Travelling down the road of perseverance can be a rocky and tumultuous journey. Obstacles come your way trying to break your spirit. When you are at your breaking point and you want to give up, take a deep breath, make a slight pause, smile, kick that obstacle aside and rejuvenate your resolve. Continue your journey. […]

Poem: The Path to Success

The path to success is sometimes a turbulent road. Obstacles come along and throw you a curve. You veer to the right to avoid impact but sometimes you are struck anyway. You come out without a scratch but cautiously proceed on. Before you know it, your goal is reached and success you have won.

Poem: Persistence

Persistence is resistance to distraction. It is diligence to a cause. It is never giving up until a goal is reached. It is strong determination and undying will. It is hard work and dedication. It is irrepressible strength. It is extraordinary desire. It is extreme focus and not accepting no for an answer.