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Poem: A Hard Day's Work

Poem: A Hard Day’s Work

Another hard day’s work is behind me. My feet are tired. My back hurts. The children are getting on my nerves. Sometimes, it seems like I am getting nowhere. I work and sleep. Day in and day out. Life is more than working hard. Will I be around to see that day? I don’t know […]

Poem: Swimming in the Sea of Regret

That one moment, that one circumstance, that one decision that seems to haunt you. You try to go on but regret grabs you by the collar and commands you to listen. It chokes you within inches of your last breath. It tricks you into doubting your decision making. Regret is a powerful force that can […]

Poem: With This Breath I Do Take

With this breath, I do take full control of my life. I must not let the pain of the past overshadow my future. I promise to forgive my enemies and forgive myself for my transgressions. For every day I wake, I promise the Lord I will make it great. I will no longer allow myself […]