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Poem: Melting Away the Pain

Poem: Melting Away the Pain

It pierced your heart and soul. You didn’t see it coming and now it had control. How could it be? An action so painful that brought you to your knees. You try to overcome but it’s hard to forget. The one you truly loved betrayed you. What can you do when you’re feeling blue? Do […]

Poem: Time of Life

Poem: The Time of Life

The time of life we all go through had come upon me like a wind. I lost all sense in what to do. I thought my heart would never mend. It aroused my feelings deep inside. I didn’t know I had any. So strong were they and spread out wide. I soon found out I […]

Poem: Standing Up For You

There are times when you may feel yourself becoming sad, then perhaps mad, but you find yourself pondering why. Deep down you know, but you do not want to admit it. Could it be that you have lost your way? Trusted in the wrong people? Made the wrong decisions? Did you let those thoughts and […]

Poem: Love Your Fellow Man

Love your fellow man as you love yourself. Respect his feelings as you respect your own. Do not jump to conclusions before finding out the facts. Be objective in your thinking and conservative with your opinions. Do not relish in other’s pain and suffering. Misfortune can happen to you. It is better to love your […]