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Poem: Desire

Poem: Desire

Desire is sometimes hard to control. It grabs your emotions and takes a firm hold. Sometimes, it entices you to do a bad deed and makes you think it is a need. Sometimes, desire dangles a change. You want to change but you are scared to grab hold. You ignore desire again and again, but […]

Poem: Swimming in the Sea of Regret

That one moment, that one circumstance, that one decision that seems to haunt you. You try to go on but regret grabs you by the collar and commands you to listen. It chokes you within inches of your last breath. It tricks you into doubting your decision making. Regret is a powerful force that can […]

Repeated Sermons for Wrong Decisions

As a mother of four children, I have dealt with various personalities. My oldest child is ten years older than my youngest child. Believe me, my parenting style evolved over the years. Things I said I would not do or say, I ended up later contradicting myself. I am sure there are other parents, who […]