Speaking Out

Speaking Out
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Powerless vs the Powerful

Speaking out is hard to do when there is only a party of two and no visual or audio exists.  There is one with perceived power and the other perceived powerless.  What is the powerless to do?

In most cases, the powerless puts the actions of the powerful into a little a box and tuck it away in their memory banks.  See the powerless know they will not be believed because the powerful have everyone else mesmerized.  The powerful’s willing admirers look at their accomplishments and dare not believe they would inflict such awfulness onto the powerless.  Their admirers are quick to discredit the powerless.  The admirers think they know the person in the powerful position.  However, they are not with the powerful 24×7.

Speaking Out
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The Admirers

The admirers become victim shamers when the powerless speak out.  The admirers unknowingly become a party to the deeds of the powerful.  They are complicit.  How can one rep another if they are not with that person at the time the alleged incident or incidents occurred.  Most of these admirers are repping accomplishments and appearances.  No one really knows another person.  Not everyone is an open book.  Most people only reveal the part of themselves they want others to see.  While others see the real person, but refuse to acknowledge it.

It is easier for some to destroy others so they will feel better about themselves.  When the powerful do their misdeeds, they think they have the right to inflict pain on others.  They feel they are above the law, above morality, and above anything that suits them.  They are gaslighters and do-gooders all in one breath.  Their selfish regard for others’ feelings is reprehensible.


It takes a great deal of courage for the powerless to speak out against the powerful.  One can only hold pain inside for so long.  The pain slowly eats away at the core of a person’s being.  Sometimes, it becomes so consuming that the person may want to end their life.  To know something painful occurred and being afraid to speak out about it because you know that others will be quick to discredit you is a burden that is hard to bear.

However, the release of the pain comes with speaking out.  Why should one be embarrassed about what someone else inflicted on them without their consent?  Ultimately, everyone is entitled to their opinions.  There are people who will say cruel things because that is just who they are.  When the powerless speak their truth, they are finally acknowledging they are living in their truth.  The powerful know the truth.  They can publically deny, but eventually what is done behind closed doors will come to the light.

Speaking Out
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Social media has become the medium for the powerless to speak.  Hashtags are created and the powerless are no longer alone.  The powerless are able to speak their truth and somewhere in the universe others will stand beside them and speak their truth as well.  The powerless are no longer alone in their pain.  Their pain is released into the universe. True, the powerless are met with discouraging words but the encouraging words supersede the ugliness.  There is power in numbers.  Suddenly, the powerless become powerful by speaking out.