Poem: Sometimes

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Poem: Sometimes
Flachovatereza / Pixabay


the burdens become so great.

Too great,

for the heart to bear.

In those times,

an ear is needed

to listen,

confide in,

and to console.

When that ear isn’t found,

the Lord’s ear is always around.

He’s non-judgmental

and always there.

Through undying faith,

the Lord will heal

that burdened,

and bleeding heart.

In time,

the burdens

will cease.

Your heart

will rejoice

upon release.


we doubt the present

and wonder why.

Life’s too short

to doubt

or be in disbelief.

We must strive

to always

do what’s right.

Keep our faith

and realize that


test us.

We require strength

stronger than

physical strength.

This strength is faith.

It’s not seen

and not learned.

It’s felt.

When your belief

is so immense,

that it can’t

be broken.

And when the burdens

that come to pass

won’t last.

Your life

will be

more enriched.

Not just sometimes,

but all the time.