Poem: Sometimes, I Feel Like My World is Tumbling Down

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Poem: Sometimes, I Feel Like My World is Tumbling Down
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I feel like

my world is tumbling down.

Then I realize,

I couldn’t even be around.

I’ve wondered how I could’ve been

such a fool.


I was a fool,

a fool in love.

I loved this man

with all of my heart.


circumstances tore us apart.


I wonder how I can go on.


I know

life must go on.


we make

wrong decisions that shift

our life

in an unknown direction.

At the time,

we think we’re doing

the right thing.

In life, we learn

the heart can be misleading.

With each mistake,

comes a time of reflection.

Why oh why,

did I choose such direction?

I’ll never view love

as naively as I did before.

With each chance meeting,

I’ll proceed with caution.

And will live life being

thankful for every breath I take,

and every move I make.

I thank God

for allowing

me to survive.

Without him,

nothing is possible.

I give advice

whenever I can

and accept advice

whenever I can.

If I save only one life,

I feel

as if I’ve scored a million.

Life is so precious

and should be lived to the fullest

It’s silly to say

I wish I could live life over.

What’s wrong

with living life now?


isn’t promised.

Love isn’t promised.


love does exist.

Love doesn’t hurt

and it doesn’t kill.

Love can’t be bought.

It must be learned and earned.

It’s necessary for a blissful life.

I love myself

for who I am

and not for

who I am to anyone else.

To get through any bad thing,

there must be a good thing

I am the good thing

and I love me.

Whether fat or thin,

I love me.

Whether rich or poor,

I love me.

Love yourself first,

and others will love

and respect you

Be strong for you

if you can’t be strong

for anyone else.

With every mistake,


and go on.

Don’t spend a lot of time

wondering…what if.

Go after your dreams.

Live life,

love life,

and most of all be happy.

I’m happy with me

and there’s not a person

I’d rather be.

It took a lot to get to this point.

I don’t regret a thing.

I’m a better person

to have survived

and a stronger person

to have gone through it.