Single Mothers Are Not Created the Same

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Single Mothers Are Not Created the Same

Some people lump single mothers into the same category.  Also, these same people lump others into a particular category and live as biased individuals.  Hence, changing their minds for no one.  Consequently, their addiction to toxic thinking makes them similar to substance abusers.

Single mothers come from different backgrounds.  And, some women choose the single life.  Below is a breakdown of the different types of single mothers.

Teenage Single Mothers

When puberty strikes and the body changes, how does a young girl handle it?  She eyes the boy, while he pretends to be uninterested.  Then, a situation brings them together.  Hearts and butterflies fill her mind and body.  And, the anticipated kiss happens.  Things become serious really fast.  They quickly escalated from childhood to adulthood.  The moment comes and goes.  Therefore, weeks later, the aftermath is in full swing.  She is mommy to be with important decisions to make.  As a result, her decisions depend on her family structure, financial stability, and morality.

Widowed Single Mothers

These mothers held onto tradition by being married when becoming a mother.  And, they spoke their vows while anticipating marriage for the rest of their lives.  Yet, nothing lasts forever.  Sometimes, tragedy strikes.  As a result, a car wreck, a mugging, a deathly illness, a fire, a drowning, or a murder can put this faithful mother to the test of love.  Now, she finds herself alone with a child or children.  Because she was not prepared for this type of loss.  Consequently, it happened.  What is she to do?  Her decisions depend on financial stability and maintaining her will to go on despite losing her husband.

Single Mothers Are Not Created the Same

Divorced Single Mothers

With a high divorce rate, you would think many wouldn’t chance getting married.  And no one anticipates getting divorced when they get married.  Many hope and dream of a blissful union grounded in tradition.  Therefore, ignoring the statistics.  Love is in the air and outlasts everything.  Consequently, things change and people change.  The Mrs. becomes the Ms. with a child or children.  Now she worries about child support, child visitation, and perhaps seeing a new Mrs.

Single Mothers By Choice

First of all, not every woman desires marriage.  Some women want success and children without the complexity of maintaining a relationship with the father.  Is this single mother wrong for wanting a child to herself?  Some religions deem this unacceptable, yet it is her choice.  With over 7 billion people in the world, it is impossible to please everyone.  It is her life and her responsibility to take care of her child.

Single Mothers Are Not Created the Same
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Single Mothers By Default

Not every woman wants motherhood.  And, some shouldn’t be a mother.

Sometimes, things get a little too hot between a man or woman and uh oh, there’s a little one on the way.  Neither intends on getting married to each other.  Decision-making time is underway.  She spends her time pondering keeping the child or getting rid of the child.  Most of all, she never dreamed of being a mother.  Getting rid of the child would haunt her for the rest of her life.  Reluctantly, she keeps the child.  Winging motherhood the best way she can.  She masters motherhood.

In Conclusion

Assumptions get many people in trouble.  Delete biased thoughts.  If you observe something that is not right, report it.  Otherwise, respect others with the respect you expect.