Should Someone’s Sexual Orientation Matter?

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Should Someone's Sexual Orientation Matter?
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Attraction is inevitable. What’s attractive to one person may not be attractive to another person. It’s what differentiates us from one another. This attraction goes beyond physical characteristics. It incorporates the physical and the emotional impact of the attraction. Then, this attraction breaks down into sexual orientation.

What is Sexual Orientation?

It involves the romantic attraction to others of the opposite sex, same sex, both sexes, or to more than one gender. How you identify yourself determines who attracts you. Consequently, you can be straight/heterosexual, gay/homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual/queer, curious, or asexual. This is gender identity.

Why Should it Matter?

It should matter to anyone who becomes romantically interested in another person. And, it’s important, to be honest with a prospective romantic interest. I’m sure you’ve heard horror stories about situations where people weren’t honest with who they were and became victims of their dishonesty.

No one should harm a person for dishonesty. The civil thing to do is to walk away from the situation. However, some people are unable to control their rage and will act on their impulses. So, it’s better to practice honesty when dealing with matters of the heart.

Should Someone's Sexual Orientation Matter?
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Discrimination Against Sexual Orientation

Unfortunately, there are situations when people discriminate against others, who are honest about who they are. They live out loud and proud. Some people, due to religious beliefs or personal preferences, harm these individuals or disrupt their daily lives.

The people, who harm others, are denying them the right to live as they choose. They’re acting as judge and jury. Many don’t think about how they’d feel in the same situation. Condemnation rules their minds. However, if you have religious beliefs that involve heaven and hell, then you’d know that God is the one, who’ll be the judge in the end.

Self-Love Matters

People should feel free to live on their terms. Self-love matters because sometimes it’s hard to stand in your truth. When you have a sense of who you are, it is a freeing feeling. And, many want to shout it from the rooftops.

It’s wrong for some people to demand everyone to act the same. That’s not who were are as individuals. And, it’s unfair.

Someone’s sexual orientation should only matter if they’re looking to become involved in a romantic relationship. Other than that, it shouldn’t matter. If a person doesn’t agree with someone’s choices in life, it’s their right to disagree. However, it’s not their right to interfere with that person’s life.