Repeated Sermons for Wrong Decisions

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Repeated Sermons for Wrong Decisions
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Parental Sermons

As a mother of four children, I’ve dealt with various personalities. My oldest child is ten years older than my youngest child. Believe me, my parenting style evolved over the years. Things I said I wouldn’t do or say, I ended up later contradicting myself. I’m sure other parents have experienced this.

As a parent, I alerted my children about potential dangers in life and their associated consequences. After a while, I felt as if I was talking to myself. I’d received the occasional eye roll and “I know” response.

Some of my perceived babbling resonated with some of my children. Thus, they heeded my advice. However, I was unsuccessful with my oldest daughter. She has a mind of her own, which is good on one hand, but not so good on the other hand.

Repeated Sermons for Wrong Decisions
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Dealing with Wrong Decisions

Her quest to live her life on her terms has left me with many restless nights. I know she’s an adult now. However, it upsets me greatly when she keeps making the wrong decisions 75% of the time. She makes decisions on a whim and seems unconcerned with the potential consequences. Sometimes, it seems like she’s running around in circles.

When she makes the wrong decisions, I seem to be the only one she can go to, which shouldn’t be a problem. However, it becomes a problem after multiple bailouts. With each bailout, I deliver a sermon. She gives me eye contact during the sermon and her rationale for why she made the wrong decision. I listen intently hoping for the best and wishing that she’d think before she acted.

Hopefully, one of my sermons will stick in her mind and she’ll be on a path to a less drama-filled existence, and of course, I’ll continue being her mother.