Procrastination is the Devil

Procrastination is the Devil
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How many times have you put off doing something? Even though you have it on your to-do list, it remained undone. You’re guilty of procrastination. I sentence you to completing your tasks without delay.

Why Do People Procrastinate?

It’s easy to procrastinate. No required action. You disregard the task and go about your day.

Sometimes, you fear to do a dreaded task because of lack of confidence in skill level. For instance, you may start to write a book and leave it incomplete. You may feel it won’t be any good.

Other times, you hate the task. Who likes cleaning the garage? You know it’s dirty, but you hate to clean it. You visualize the sweeping and moving around things and delay the action.

Or maybe you’re just lazy. You do as little as necessary to get by throughout the day. You’re adept at avoidance.

Another reason is you may fear the consequences of your actions. Imagine you see your best friend’s husband kissing another woman. You don’t tell your friend because you don’t want to lose your friendship or hurt your friend.

Procrastination Is a Time Sucker

Think about how many tasks you completed in the last month. How many television shows did you watch? Did you participate in recreational activities? Or maybe you went internet surfing. What is the number of tasks you didn’t complete?

Could you have swapped a television show rerun for the task you should’ve done? Also, did you flip through channels looking for something to watch? Most likely you did. Many television watchers do.

You allowed procrastination to consume your time away from tasks.

Procrastination Is the Devil
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Procrastination Is the Devil

Whether you’re religious or not, you’ve heard of the devil. The devil is evil. He’s the master of temptation and manipulation.

Life’s great when you’re having fun. Disregard the undesirable activities. Besides, you’ll always have time to complete them. Or will you?

Ask the family whose head of the household died without a will. Will you abandon your family? Of course, you won’t. However, it happens to many.

Don’t let procrastination trick you into irresponsibility.

How to Stop Procrastinating?

Overcoming procrastination is like overcoming an addiction. The first step is recognizing you have a problem. Then, you execute the actions necessary to rid yourself of the problem. Your goal is to make yourself stop.

Once you accept you avoid doing the things you need to do, you’re able to work on changing it. You may need to take baby steps. However, it’s important to take a step toward change.

Don’t let procrastination keep you from leading a productive life.