Political Aspirations Taken For Granted

Political Aspirations Taken For Granted
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A Dose of Reality About Political Aspirations

For many years, I took politics for granted. I exercised an out of sight out of mind attitude. For the most part, I saw politics as the government with appointed officials.  I took the political aspirations of others for granted. Since I was not part of the top 10%, I figured I had no real say in politics. What power did I possess? In my mind, none at all.  I existed as an American living my reality from day to day.  As long as I wasn’t directly affected, I didn’t take a second thought about politics.

However, November 8, 2016, happened. Disbelief consumed me.  I spent several days realizing politics would never mean the same to me again. Even now, I find myself amazed at what’s happening in the world of politics today.  One word: unbelievable.

I’ve learned that politics do matter.  Voting is a lot more than getting that “I Voted” sticker. People like me and others must keep informed on what’s going on in politics. This includes local elections as well as state and national elections.  Being uninformed can result in losing a liberty in the future that’s being enjoyed in the present.  Registered voters must vote and anyone, who are voting age, must vote.

From the electoral college to disenfranchised voters and/or rather nonvoters, all had a part in the real “reality show” that is happening. The office of the president became a role, auditioned in front of millions. During the 2016 presidential campaign, many thought it was a joke and never would end in the way that it did.  The 2016 Presidential election was no talent show and was as real as real could get.

Political Aspirations Taken for Granted
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Each Vote Matters

Many decided not to vote because they thought their vote didn’t count. They were unaware that their vote would have or could have changed the electoral vote of the state they reside in, which could’ve changed the resulting reality. Oh, how wrong were they.

The votes of a few shouldn’t determine the effect on the masses.  However, this is what happened in the 2016 Presidential Election.  A person was cast into the presidential role, who’s now appearing not to be the best person to be selected for the most important role in the country.

The fallout from the results of the 2016 Presidential election has affected and will affect many for years to come. The history books will document this period of time and for all, who had a hand in any wrongdoing, which has happened since the election will have to live with the moral aspects of their deeds and possible legal ramifications.

From bigotry to erasing human dignity, this has exposed all who were elected prior to this election. Their willingness to abandon their constituents to preserve fake party unity is reprehensible. I wonder how these officials sleep at night knowing that they are complicit in undermining the political system. I feel for their constituents, who thought they voted for someone, who had their best interests in mind.  Their constituents now see those snazzy political ads, manicured attire, and slick words don’t mean a thing if the politician doesn’t back them up with actions supporting their words that got them their constituents’ votes.

Political Aspirations Taken For Granted
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Standing Up For What’s Right

There comes a time in all of our lives that we must take a stand for right. Sometimes this involves unpopularity. However, in the end, it should do the body good. When you do the right thing and you stand up for it, you should commend yourself for being strong and should sleep better at night.

On the opposite side of a good deed, of course, is a bad deed or bad decision. It’s obvious that we all can’t be born with wealth and status. However, we as humans should treat others with respect. When someone is in a lower economic status, this doesn’t give someone in a higher economic status the right to disparage them by making false assumptions and abusing their political power. Additionally, just because a person’s lifestyle doesn’t meet your approval should you try to condemn them or sway them to your preferred lifestyle. This isn’t the spirit of America. At least, not in the America I always loved and respected.

America, with its ills, has always been considered as the land of opportunity. Going after that “American Dream” was the goal of many. Now, it seems that dream is becoming out of reach for some.  Heartless people are being cruel to others in blind loyalty to those who don’t even care about their well-being, which is being demonstrated in changing laws that hurt many American people instead of helping them. This is sad.

Political Aspirations Taken For Granted
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Hope For the Future

Hope is looming. Sane people come together for the greater good, empowered and disgusted with the current state of affairs. The powerless unite to watch the powerful.  Their message to those in power: “Don’t take your constituents for granted and do your job!”

A public servant represents the people.  These politicians mustn’t line their pockets and give power to special interest groups.  History shows that politics has its share of unsavory characters. This doesn’t mean that this behavior should be tolerated in 2017.  If politicians have goals of increasing their financial statuses, they should do it as private citizens and not as public servants.

Only time will tell what is to come of this current state of politics. I believe in my fellow Americans, and I believe in America. I am American born and bred, and I love America regardless. Let our laws, human decency, and the true spirit of America turn America back into a country that has worldwide respect.