Poem: The Missing Piece in the Puzzle

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Poem: The Missing Piece in the Puzzle
Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

As I made an abrupt stop

in my journey of life,

I realized

that I wasn’t satisfied.

I existed

in the state,

I was in

because it was familiar

and somewhat safe.


I discounted the thoughts,

the dreams

I held within.


I accepted them

as simple passages in life.

They became

part of the landscape

and invisible to the eye.

I suppressed them

and never questioned why.

In that fateful moment,

all was loud and clear.

The mystery

was out.

The truth

was there.

My life as it was,

was a mystery indeed.

Bits and pieces

of life’s deeds.

Scrambled about

like pieces of cardboard,

like parts of a puzzle

with that one missing piece

which was me.

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  1. Jessica Faketty

    Realization from unsatisfied to satisfied, is a truly remarkable experience, time makes of the essance and joy pursation perhaps of life , has healed the old and satified the new

    1. K. Hillery

      So true. Thanks for your comment.

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