Poem: Tears of Pain

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Poem: Tears of Pain
John-Silver / Pixabay

Tears flow down my cheek

about memories of a love past.

A man I loved.

Hurt me without repentance.

Left me feeling sad and blue

and broke my heart in two.

This man

I loved and desired.

Once set my heart on fire.

I felt the intensity of his wrath.

It was painful and everlasting.

I fight to understand how

he could on one hand

be a wonderful man

and otherwise,

be one I hated.

It seemed that together

we could never be.

Together we didn’t mix.

Our personalities were so different

that we never achieved understanding.

I fight so hard to dry these tears of pain.

Deep in my heart

these feelings remain.

Maybe one day,

these feelings will go away.

And my tears of pain will disappear.