Poem: Selling Out Your Soul For the Glitter of Gold

Poem: Selling Out Your Soul for the Glitter of Gold

Maklay62 / Pixabay

Times are hard.

Prices increase.

Your desires do not cease.

You want what you want

and you want it now.

It does not matter how

you get the things

you so desire.

You are willing

to sell your soul

for the glitter of gold.

It does not matter

about morality.

All that matters

is the final fee.

You agree to

an arrangement of coupling

without being a couple.

You smile.

You dress

and let the money

relieve the stress.

What about the aftermath?

The years not yet come.

Will you look at this and laugh?

Will you hide this in your past?

It is easier said than done.

You did what you did

and now you go on.