Poem: Misguided Innocence

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Poem: Misguided Innocence
epicantus / Pixabay

She thought she was grown

while living on her own.

She was only seventeen

and a former homecoming queen.

The guys surrounded her

and stood by her side

because she always caught their eyes.

The bigger her circle of friends grew,

the more men she met were new.

They didn’t understand

her hopes and dreams.

All they wanted

was to hear her scream.

They slowly lured

her to the other side.

The side of exploitation and ruin.

Her innocence evaporated

into the wind.

Her reputation went sour.

Her beauty faded

with each hour.

She no longer

was innocent and pure.

She was now

a part of  the seedy landscape

with dashed hopes and dreams

and misguided innocence.