Poem: To Love With No Love in Return

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Poem: To Love With No Love in Return
greekfood-tamystika / Pixabay

To love someone who does not love you

is a painful and life-changing experience.

You gave your all to a person

who took you for granted

and brushed you away.

You spent many nights

rationalizing the situation,

however, never could make sense of it.

You question your logic

and search for answers.

The answers never came

and the hurt remained.

How do you recover from such sorrow and pain?

Do you do something outrageous

causing further shame?

Do you seek a therapist

to discuss your pain?

Whatever you decide to do,

remember that

to love is a beautiful thing.

It melts your heart and makes you sing.

With every moment you felt it,

savor it,

and always keep it near,

because one day in someone else,

the love you want to be returned might appear.