Poem: The Love of My Life

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Poem: The Love of My Life
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He came into my life without warning.

I was taken in by his charm,

wit, and good looks.

I fantasized about him

night and day.

Always looking forward

to him coming my way.

He was the love for me.

Love had not come so easy for me.

I tried to please him without fully pleasing myself.

I felt weak and wanted to be strong.

Apart we became and went our separate ways.

Thoughts of him filled my days.

I tried so hard to forget

the laughter, the fun, and the good times.

I focused on the negative and the bad times.

As time passed,

my emotions grew.

A realization came to my mind.

This man I tried to escape

became a force within.

He encompassed my mind, body, and soul.

He became the man

with whom I wanted to grow old.

The attraction  for him grew

and love materialized.

He became the love of my life.