Poem: Let It All Go

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Poem: Let It All Go
geralt / Pixabay

Each day greets you

with a wake-up call.

Your eyes open

and you go through

the normal tasks of the day.

As you proceed through the normal,

the past lurks.

It catches you in a second

and freezes you in the past.

You sat frozen

while the memories take over.

You’re held,

hostage in the past.

All the pain

and regrets

hold you by the neck.

You gasp for air.

You want release

from this turmoil.

You contemplate.

You rationalize.

Your search for relief

is ongoing.

Then it happens

in an instant,

in a moment,

you realize you

have to be strong

to let it all go.

You must let go.

You have to save yourself

from the pain of the past.

You have to be present

and plan for the future.

Take your pain

and let it

disappear into

the past.

Continue on

and be strong.