Poem: Desire Unfulfilled

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Poem: Desire Unfulfilled
Photo by Lawrence Suzara from Pexels

As a young girl,

she watched the two kiss

like there was no tomorrow.

A slight tingle filled her body

while anticipation grew for her moment.

One day she thought, “It’ll be me.”

Once she was full-fledged into teendom,

she thought she was in love.

The kiss she received warmed her to the core.

However, this kiss was only temporary

and left her yearning for more.

She set education aside

and sought the romantic ride.

Guy after guy.

None would ever satisfy the passion she held inside.

Her heart was laid bare

and they didn’t care.

Enraged she reacted.

And, her life changed forever.

Now, she had to live with desire unfulfilled,

a shattered heart,

and a life full of regret.