Poem: Coping With Realization

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Poem: Coping With Realization
TheVirtualDenise / Pixabay

They come and they go.

The memories of yesterday.

They sometimes fill your mind

with joy and happiness

and other times with sorrow and regret.

Sometimes the memories

appear as clear as the present

causing you to take a pause.


you’re caught between now and then

and frozen in time.

Your mind is forcing you to choose.

What will your choice be?

Will you live in the past that is long gone

or will you thrive in the present for a better future?

This is the time for you to come to the realization

that you must not let

your past continue to haunt you

or hold you back.

You must lock the past away

and never allow it to seep into your present.

You must cope with its existence

but understand that there is a time for everything

and your past is in the past.