Poem: And This Time

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Poem: And This Time
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And this time,

life will be better.

Better than ever.

Times will be sweeter.

Sweeter than ever.

Flowers will be greener.

As green as the forest.

And my love will be deeper.

Deep as the ocean.

Deep as the sea.

I’ll love you much better.

Better than ever.

In all kinds of weather.

You and me together

I’ll love you forever.

Forever and ever.

United we’ll be.

In love,

you and me.

Sharing our time,

so tenderly.

I’ll cherish each moment

between you and me.

Actively creating,

happy memories.

Dreaming of you

through eternity.

Hoping you

will always trust me.

In my heart,

you’ll forever be

this time

and forever.

I love you today,


and always.

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