Poem: A Peek Into Memory’s Closet

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A Peek Into Memory's Closet
Photo by Yusuf Evli on Unsplash

Oh, how memory can sneak up on you.

You thought you had it safely tucked away.

But, it found its way back to you.

See this memory isn’t one to be cherished.

It’s one to be forgotten.

And it paralyzes you at the moment.

Your throat tightens

while your head pulsates.

How do you cope with its reappearance?

Do you handle it with maturity and care?

Or do you lash out?

Take a moment to inhale and then exhale.

Sit down.

Then open your mind to dealing with the memory.

You may need help from a professional.

Either way you go leads to

peeking into memory’s closet

and shutting the door.