Overcoming the Fear of Writing

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Overcoming the Fear of Writing
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So, You Want to Write

Have you had an idea and wanted to put it down on paper? I’m sure you have. Maybe, you wanted to expand it into a book. Or, you’re working a job that you hate and want to consider starting a blog or venture into freelance writing. However, you feel your writing isn’t good enough. So, you toss the idea aside. Thus, the fear of writing halts your ambition.

The Fear of Writing

Why would someone fear writing? The answer depends on what type of writing it is and the intended audience. Additionally, there’s the correct grammar aspect of writing. Being critiqued bothers most people. The dread of composing coherent sentences makes some people queasy. Then, the questions fill your head. Should I put a comma there or not? Does this sentence sound correct? Do I need to use a fancier word?

When writing, you might imagine a grammarian scanning your words and leaving red marks and crossed out words with notes of correct grammar usage. As I write this blog post, I imagine someone laughing at what I’m writing and critiquing my words. However, I’m not concerned.  I’ve never professed to be a grammarian. Nevertheless, I do attempt to craft coherent sentences.

Overcoming the Fear of Writing
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Brushing Up on Your Grammar

The internet is full of resources for you to utilize to overcome your fear of writing. One of my favorite websites is Quick and Dirty Tips. I love the way Mignon Fogarty provides grammar tips. It takes the sting out of feeling unskilled. Then, there’s Grammarly. As I write this post, I occasionally see the dreaded red underline. I take note, make corrections, and continue typing.

When I’m unsure of a word I want to use, I consult Merriam-Webster. I get the definition, examples, and a peek at the Word of the Day. They’re great for expansion of your vocabulary.

The Chicago Manual of Style is another trusted go-to source for your grammar needs. The great thing about accessing these online sources is that you can do it without someone staring you down. You avoid the lectures and learn by reading and writing.

Just Do It

No matter what type of writing that you do or want to do, there’s a website to assist you in honing your skills. If you want to be a novelist, they have you covered. Do you want to be a copywriter? No problem. Tons of resources are waiting for you. I have a copy of The Well-Fed Writer. Peter Bowerman gives you the how-tos of being a well-fed writer. Carol Tice’s website, Make A Living Writing is another resource to turn your fear of writing into a source of income to pay your bills and beyond.

The only way to get over your fear of writing is to write. Get those words down on paper. If you’re writing a book, they have editors that can fine-tune it for you. However, you’ll never know how far you can go with your writing until you take those words from your mind and put them down on paper or type them into your computer.

When you don’t know how to do something, you have to learn how to do it. The only way you learn is by doing it repetitively. Eventually, things will click. Then, you’ll be skilled. Kick fear aside and write.