Onn Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Review

Onn Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Review

My name is Katelyn. Here’s my honest, unsolicited review of the Onn Wireless Keyboard and Mouse.  One day while I was typing, my wired keyboard stopped working. So, I headed over to my local Walmart.

While at Walmart, I looked at their selection of keyboards.  I decided I would try a wireless keyboard and mouse.  Next, I compared the prices.  Since I didn’t do my research prior to going to Walmart, I decided on trying the least expensive one.  Hence, I purchased the Onn Wireless Keyboard and Mouse.

The Onn Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Price

When it comes to trying new things, I sometimes choose the least expensive option to reduce my loss if things don’t work out.  This wireless keyboard and mouse set was at least $10.00 less than the other options. Sold.  I walked out of Walmart with a wireless keyboard and mouse for under $20.00.


While looking at the picture on the box, I thought it looked like a more expensive keyboard.  When I arrived home and opened the box, the actual product matched the picture.  So far, all is good.  An attractive set for the price.

This keyboard has a slim design and soft touch keys with buttons for Page Up and Page Down.  And, the mouse has 5 buttons, a scroll wheel, optical resolution for precise movement, and a comfort grip.


Onn Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Review
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Of course, installation should be a breeze because this is just a keyboard and mouse.  Inside the box were a 2.4GHz keyboard, mouse, 4 AAA batteries, and a Nano receiver.  Both required 2 AAA batteries.  I installed the batteries and the leave-in Nano receiver into my computer.

The Nano receiver wirelessly connects one or more devices to a computer.  I paired the keyboard and mouse to the computer.  This allows the automatic connection of the keyboard and mouse to a computer.

The range of connectivity is up to 30′.  Connectivity is a non-issue.


Typing on the keyboard was effortless.  However, the attractive mouse had an irritating issue.  It had moments of non-responsiveness.  I found myself banging the mouse on the mouse pad and desk trying to get it to respond.  Then, a headache came.  I took a timeout to contemplate my dilemma.

I know I purchased an inexpensive keyboard set.  However, I’ve purchased an inexpensive wireless mouse without this issue.  Eventually, I gave up on the Onn wireless mouse and used my previous mouse from a different brand.

Additionally, this slim design keyboard was missing the indicator lights for Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock.  Adjusting to life without these indicator lights have been fairly easy except when I restart or turn on my computer.  I’ve had to retrain my mind to tap on Num Lock and smile when my keyboard recognizes a number.

In Conclusion

For the most part, I am happy with my purchase.  I am thankful I kept my old, perfectly working wireless mouse.  Without it, more money would have been spent on a replacement mouse.  This wireless keyboard and mouse have great portability.  When not in use, the Nano receiver stores in the back of the mouse.  Sometimes, you get what you paid for and sometimes you get less.

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Onn Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Review
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