Nearly One Million Dollars Stolen in Two Weeks by a Teenager

Nearly One Million Dollars Stolen in Two Weeks by a TeenagerIt’s hard to believe that nearly one million dollars were stolen in two weeks by a nineteen-year-old.

What makes this story so questionable is that it happened at a grocery store via fake returns.

As a former retail worker, my former employer had alerts built into the system to stop this sort of thing from happening. The fear of a discrepancy in the till was always front and center. And we’re talking about cents, not hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, nothing’s foolproof.

Let’s not forget that this happened at a grocery store. According to the authorities, the teen employee created over 40 returns ranging in price from $75 to over $87,000. He purchased clothes, guns, and vehicles.

Simply Unbelievable

It’s hard to believe that he accomplished this by himself. I guess it would be easier to believe if we were talking about a more upscale business. But, we’re not. It was a grocery store. And not an upscale one. What could any individual return to the grocery store that would be worth over $80,000?

Furthermore, how could the proceeds be put onto several credit cards? What about credit and transaction limits?

Pardon me if I say this is a shaking my head moment. And to think a reportedly lone culprit accomplished this. Therefore, I must say he’s a mastermind in my book. I’m sure there are bank robbers who wished they could’ve cashed in on an opportunity like this. Unfortunately, he had a short-lived profitable adrenaline rush and managed to wreck one of the vehicles he purchased.

I’m sure the grocery store chain is embarrassed that nearly one million dollars were stolen despite receiving some of the money back. Undeniably, it shows a gigantic lapse in effective protocols. As one would expect, someone else is about to lose their job.

Now, this teen’s two-week stealing and spending spree netted him a criminal record. The question is was it worth it?