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Most Dreams Don't Have an Expiration Date

What is life without dreams? Many people dream when they sleep while others set out to fulfill their dreams. These type of dreams are goals people want to accomplish.

How Big Should You Dream?

You can set a lofty goal and work hard to achieve it. Or, you can split your dream into steps and reward yourself along the way. It’s your dream and you’re in charge.

However, some of us have others to consider while pursuing our dream. In these situations, you have to weigh the pros and cons of your dream and its effect on others.

Setting Your Dream Aside

Sometimes, life happens and things become complicated. Now, you’re faced with setting your dream aside. Your heart bleeds of disappointment. However, you have to do what you have to do. Then, life goes on.

Your Dream Lingers

Now that time has flown by, you’ve seen a lot and have done a lot. However, your dream is still unfulfilled.

What are you to do? Do you make the time to seek your dream or do you bury it forever? It’s up to you. Evaluate your dream and either pursue it or let it go. Remember, most dreams don’t have an expiration date while some do.

Some dreams may require technological intervention while others may require good old sweat and tears. Remove the fear and make the decision to determine your dream’s fate. It could be another check mark on your bucket list.

Freedom of Expression


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