Modern-Day Hate

Modern-Day Hate
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Hate has existed for years. History proves this. However, it seems hate has intensified. One only needs to go online, turn on their television, listen to the radio, or open their newspaper to reports of hate. Or worse yet, experience it in their neighborhoods and communities. Unfortunately, we live in a world of modern-day hate.

Social Media and Hate

The social aspect of social media gives people the means to express themselves anonymously and in some cases, not so anonymously.

The ease of signing up for an account and adding an avatar makes entry into social media an attractive thing to do.

People with evil thoughts flood the comment sections and fill them with vile words.

Some of these words are so vile that it makes you wonder who is behind the words. Were these people dropped on their heads as children? Did their parents not love them? Or were they bullied in school? Maybe, they were born evil. Who knows? It does make some people wonder.

Why Hate?

Everyone has a right to their opinion. However, tact should be considered before saying, writing, typing, or doing mean things.

Hating someone because the person is different from you is wrong.

Why harass someone because they’re different? Has the harasser ever thought about if the roles were reversed? Obviously not.

Modern-Day Hae
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Keeping Hateful Thoughts Hidden

Some people voice their hateful thoughts loud and proud, which sometimes subjects them to backlash.

As the old saying goes, “If you don’t have something good to say, don’t say anything at all.”

If you want to keep your social standing, keep your hateful thoughts to yourself. Better yet, maybe you should explore the reasons why you harbor such hate.

Moving Beyond Modern-Day Hate

People lose lives because of hate. Some take their lives because others drove them to it through hateful words and actions. While some people kill others because of hate.

People must learn to practice compassion for others and respect differences.

If someone is not bothering you, why bother them? People have a right to live in peace.

If you don’t like a group of people, stay in your own group. Doing harm to them is not the answer. Maybe, you should stay inside your closed doors and let others be peaceful in open doors.

Love is better than hate. Harboring hate ages you and eventually causes stress. Consequently, it’s better to smile than frown and be happy.