Living Out Loud on Social Media

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Living Out Loud on Social MediaWhether it’s on the web or an app, social media is the popular form of communication. Why call when you can get the word out in seconds. Depending on landlines and snail mail is no longer an issue. Of course, those still exist however they’re less popular ways of communicating. If you’re a social butterfly, you flitter and flutter from one adventure to the next while living out loud on social media.

The Draw of Social Media

It can be an intoxicating guilty pleasure of sorts. The instant communication grabs your attention span and holds it hostage. Some platforms began as a family connection. Now it’s filled with the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between. Nevertheless, it’s a way to express yourself. Depending on who you are, it could reach the masses or a selected few.

Living Out Loud

To post or not to post, that is the question everyone should ask themselves before posting. Once you hit send, your words fly into the atmosphere and are recorded forever. Any feelings of regret aren’t resolved with the delete button. Somewhere, perhaps on a screenshot or a webpage, your words are immortalized.

What should you post? Should you post every aspect of your life as if you were recording a reality show? From a social standpoint, that may seem socially acceptable. However, dangers exist in oversharing.

TMI – “Too Much Information”

How many stories have you read about dumb criminals? Some of these individuals are so caught up with being social that they brag about their crimes on social media.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinions. When you decide to share information about yourself, be prepared for potential backlash. Posting a nude may spike the views and followers but how will a potential employer perceive you.

Is telling every detail about your itinerary a wise decision? Many times you have no way of telling who’s a “true” follower, a “troll”, or a “crazed” stalker. Social media postings, timestamps, GPS, Google Maps, and hacking skills give the obsessed the tools of realizing their desires.

Hindsight may be 20/20 but is oversharing worth the risk? You could risk endangering your safety, being embarrassed, losing income, or going to jail if you committed a crime.

Using Social Media Responsibly

Posting your pets is a cute way to show your love however posting your kids potentially endangers their safety. A cute snap of a child taking a bubble bath could trigger the demented as well as the concerned. Don’t be surprised when your comment section is flooded with distasteful comments. It’s the freedom of speech at its finest.

Don’t let the inducing effects of social media catch you off guard. Think before you post. It may sound a bit paranoid but it may save you a load of pain and heartache. Plus, it could save you from apologizing for something you shouldn’t have posted in the first place. Post responsibly.