K. Hillery Will Write for You
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My name is K. Hillery. I can write a free verse poem up to 100 words or a greeting card verse for you.

  • Three-day turnaround.
  • No refunds, but I’ll gladly perform one revision.
  • The free-verse poem or greeting card verse will be sent to the email address you provide.
  • All free-verse poems and greeting card verses created are original and will not appear anywhere else.
  • Please include the subject matter or message you want to convey for your free verse poem in the “message to seller” section at checkout.
  • Please include the occasion or message you want to convey for your greeting card verse in the “message to seller” section at checkout. Specify any specific words for the front of the card or I’ll provide the words.

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My Quotes

Poetry Samples

Poem: The Power of Words
Waylin / Pixabay

Subject: words

Poem created:

The Power of Words

Words are vital to existence.

They can help

and they can hurt.

Stop can mean different things

in different situations.

What a word means in one language

can mean something totally different in another language.

Words are powerful even in their simplest form.

Be careful what you say

or the wrong word you say

may ruin your day.

Poem: Surviving the Blows in Life
Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

Subject:  ups and downs in life

Poem created:

Surviving the Blows in Life

For some of us

life can be a real bummer.

Moments of happiness

can be quickly overshadowed

by moments of disappointment.

The hours can seem like days

when going through an ordeal.

Reflection and hope

are at odds with one another.

Grasping onto hope

seems unbearable

at the moment.

However, all is not lost.

It’s when you muster up

that one breath of energy

you then allow yourself to survive the blows in life.

Poem: Words Can't Describe
Hans / Pixabay

Subject: deep feelings for someone

Poem created:

Words Can’t Describe

Words can’t describe

the depth of your touch.

The feeling it sends

throughout my body.

I look into your eyes,

and I see your heart.

I feel your pain

and I feel your love.

The times we share

bring such happiness

taking me to

a time unknown.

Words can’t describe

how much I love you

or how you make me feel inside.

I’ll never forget

the strength of your touch.

It overcomes my body and soul.

I think of you

every waking moment.

Dreaming of you

until the end of time.

Never will I love

another as I love you.

You bring good to my life.

I’m thinking of you

every day.

Wishing you

would come my way.

Words can’t describe

my feelings for you.

Feelings so deep

and felt so true.

As time passes,

I’ll always love you.

You’ll forever remain

a part of me

for now,


and eternity.

Greeting Card Verse Samples

Mother's Day Greeting Card

Occasion: Mother’s Day

Front of card:  Mom

Inside of card:

What can I say about someone

who’s always been there for me?

Your strength is immeasurable.

Your beauty is undeniable.

I could go on and on,

but there’s not enough space on this card.

I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Father's Day Greeting Card

Occasion: Happy Birthday to a Father

Front of card:   Dad

Inside of card:

You’re my rock star.

You guided me throughout the years without fail.

I’m so proud to call you my dad.

I treasure the moments we’ve shared

and look forward to many more moments to come.

Happy Birthday!

Congratulations on Baby Girl Sample Greeting Card

Occasion: Congratulations on a New Baby Girl

Front of card:  Congratulations

Inside of card:

I congratulate you on your new baby girl.

She’s blessed to have parents like you.

I wish you and your family the best

as you welcome your little girl to the crew.