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It's Time for a Reset: Changing Your Life's Course
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Today is the first day of 2019. The days of 2018 are gone. Now, it’s time to move on to a brighter outlook. Whatever you didn’t accomplish last year, you have a chance to accomplish this year. So, I guess it’s time for a reset.

As I look back at 2018, I saw days that could’ve been better spent doing something else. However, I was caught in many moments of indecision and regret. You could say I was going through the motions of life.

How many times have you just stared into space and had so many thoughts swirling in your head? If you haven’t experienced this, you’re lucky. Because indecision and stagnation can be crippling.

Initiating the Reset

Some say resolutions. I prefer to use the word reset because I want to put the past behind me and start anew. It’s like a computer system restore except I’m mentally wiping my slate clean. This reset is on my terms. And, I assume all responsibility for my actions.

It took me a while to determine what I needed to reset about my life. First, I had to consider the areas of my life that I felt dissatisfied. That brought me to confronting myself over past decisions and determining any lessons learned.

Then, I joined the ranks of others and decided to start my reset on the first day of the new year. This meant fighting procrastination. I leaned on procrastination like a crutch. It was my drug of choice and slowly ruining the essence of me.

Active Participation

Any goal that is set cannot be accomplished without active participation. You have to put in the work to accomplish any goal. Some goals are harder to achieve than others. However, joy comes when you reach your goal. Then, you can look back at the journey and congratulate yourself for making it through.

Saying a goal and writing it down is one thing. Putting the steps into achieving your goal is another thing. Sometimes, you have to make yourself take the first step. How many times have you not wanted to go to work but went anyway? The loss of money was a motivator.

Now, put that thought process into achieving your personal goals. Remember how you felt when you procrastinated. Muster up the energy to make your personal goals achievable. Imagine how you’ll feel when your goal is accomplished. Can you feel the happiness inside? Is there a smile forming on your face? I hope so. Stop imagining and get to work. You’ve got to make 2019 great by achieving your goals.

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