Image Files

What are Image Files?

A file is used to hold something. Therefore, an image file contains digital data. This digital data may be stored in different formats and serves specific purposes.

Usually, image files fall into two groups. These groups are Vector and Raster. Raster images rely on blocks to form an image whereas Vector images use formulas.

10 Types of Image Files

  • JPEG/JPG: Joint Photographic Experts Group
  • PNG: Portable Network Graphics
  • GIF: Graphics Interchange Format
  • TIFF: Tagged Image File
  • PDF: Portable Document Format
  • PSD: Photoshop Document
  • AI: Adobe Illustrator Document
  • EPS: Encapsulated Postscript
  • INDD: Adobe Indesign Document
  • RAW: Raw Image Formats

Vector Image Files

EPS, AI, and PDF belong to this flexible group of files. Their flexibility allows unlimited resizing. They’re highly recommended for logos.

Raster Image Files

These images dominate photos found online. Their members include JPEG, GIF, and PNG. They’re comprised of pixels or blocks with a defined proportion based on their resolution. This causes difficulty when attempting to resize an image.

The resolution of an image refers to its detail. An image’s detail is measured in DPI (dots per inch) or PPI (pixels per inch). Normally, 72dpi is a great resolution for website images. However, 300dpi is the best resolution for printed images.

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