How I Kissed My Job Goodbye?

How I Kissed My Job Goodbye
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Everyone needs a source of income to survive in this world. If you weren’t born into wealth, you have to get a job or work for yourself. Looking for a job can be a dreaded chore but a necessity. Reading through the job descriptions and fine-tuning your resume are time-consuming tasks.

You applied to a company that appeared to be a good match for you. Then, the company awarded you that coveted interview. You may spend the night prior to the interview practicing answers to potential questions. During the interview, your confidence excelled. Shortly afterward, you received the job offer. And, you accepted. Now, you’re a new employee.

After you completed the training, your real job began. Some days are good and other days aren’t. However, you know you have to continue because you need the money.

Management conducted the dreaded employee review. They expect you to maintain almost unrealistic ratings. Now, what are you going to do? Do you quit? I went through the above scenario. This is how I kissed my job goodbye.

The Job Search

Most people conduct job searches via the internet. It’s a cost-efficient process that eliminates traveling to multiple places and filling out job applications. I remember those days of wasted time and gas.

Despite the ease of applying over the internet, it’s still stressful to search for a job. You’re competing with thousands for the same position or number of positions. Many require you to submit a resume and/or fill out their online application.  One company I applied to requested a video submission. That request didn’t thrill me, but I complied. Then, you wait to see if they choose you for further consideration.

Online job searches expose you to positions that you can physically commute to or work from home. Working from home is a desirable job with many benefits. You save on money spent on clothes, gas, and food.

Pre-Employment Assessments and Background Checks

Depending on the position or company you’re applying to, some want to assess your personality. Others may want to ask you abstract, numerical, verbal, or mechanical test questions.

I’ve had a company give me a virtual job situation where I performed the tasks of the job that I was applying for. It was an interesting experience and automatically weeded out those not suitable for the position. However, I had experience with the tasks of the position and received further consideration.

Some companies perform background checks in addition to checking your references. Most companies that hire you as an employee cover the background check cost. However, some companies that bring you into their company as an independent contractor may require you to pay for the background check. I avoid applying to companies who require you to pay for a background check.

The Interview

Depending on what job you’ve applied to, you may have a face-to-face interview, a Skype interview, a phone interview, or an interview conducted at an online meeting place. No matter how you connect with your interviewer, you must be prompt and prepared for the interview.

Job Offer Extended and Accepted

Once you get through the preliminary application, assessments, interview, and background check, you may receive a phone call or email offering you the position. Once you’ve jumped up and down and calmed yourself, you respond with a yes. Congratulations, you’re a new employee.

On-the-Job Training

After being introduced to the policy and procedures, you’re thrust into training for the position you received. As you’re being trained, you may feel overwhelmed at all of the things that you’re required to do. However, your trainer assures you that you’ll do just fine. So, you put your all into the effort of being a good employee. Once training is over, it’s time for you to show what you can do.

How I Kissed My Job Goodbye?
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Performance Expectations

Some jobs have reasonable performance expectations while others don’t. And, in most cases, it depends on the person who’s evaluating you. One person may let something slide while others will dock you for the tiniest error.

Change in Management

Management styles vary by people. And, sometimes, when management changes regularly, it can signal a cause for concern.

Performance Review

Depending on who’s conducting your performance review, you may have a reason to be concerned. You’ve tried hard to meet the standards. However, no one’s perfect.

Increased Anxiety

Anxiety is not something that people want to experience. And, when you have anxiety on the job, it makes doing your job more difficult. Sometimes, the anxiety makes you not want to go to work.

How I Kissed My Job Goodbye?

I prided myself with being the type of person that heeded to rules and expectations. However, my prior job put me through a test. After my supervisor was changed for the third time, it seemed my performance ratings changed, too.

When I was first hired for the position, I was required to maintain a 95% performance rating. After a year on the job, I was promoted. Then, I was required to maintain a 97% performance rating.

At first, I maintained these ratings with little effort. However, when I had new evaluators, they docked me for the tiniest error which brought me below my minimum score. If I had to maintain a 97% rating and was docked five points for an error, it was impossible to maintain that rating. I had to be perfect. And, this was a customer service position dealing with talking over the phone. Most calls go without a hitch. Then, you get that one call from a person, who may have had a difficult day and throw you off your game.

After receiving an error on two calls within the same month, I knew it was impossible to catch up. Plus, my supervisor gave me a verbal warning. If I continued making errors, it would go to written documentation. Then, termination followed after written documentation.

When I saw an email with another error, I decided to submit my resignation. The anxiety associated with the job wasn’t worth it. I had become physically sick dealing with not trying to make an error. It was more than my mind and body could handle. So, I quit. I chose my mental well-being over a stressful job.